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Patient Ally Registration Guide

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Welcome to Dr. Watson’s Online Patient Portal through Patient Ally

Why Use Patient Ally?

Save Time & Travel

With Patient Ally, you no longer have to visit our office just to fill out registration forms.


Complete essential intake and registration documents from the comfort of your home, office, or any location of your choice.

Avoid Delays

Without access to Patient Ally, you'd need to visit us in person. This can cause unnecessary wait times and could delay your treatment.

We highly encourage our patients to use this free service. Registering is simple and easy!

Patient Ally Portal Enrollment Guide

1. Email Notification:

– You will receive an email from Patient Ally.

Subject: Enroll for Access to your Provider PatientPortal.

2. Verification Choice:

– Follow the prompts in the email.

– When asked, choose how you would like to receive your Verification Code: either Text Message or Phone Call.

3. Enter Verification Code:

– Input the 6-digit verification code you received.

4. Account Creation:

– If prompted with a question about having an account, check: No, I do not (Have any account).

– Click on Create New Account.

– Set your desired Username & Password (Choose something memorable).

– Once done, click Create Account.

5. Accessing Patient Ally:

– Whenever you log into Patient Ally in the future, you’ll need to use the Username & Password you just created.


  • It might be easier to enroll using a Laptop or Desktop computer.

Need Help?

Patient Ally Help Line: 888-747-4255

Thank you for choosing Dr. Watson’s services. We’re dedicated to making your experience seamless and convenient.

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When done correctly our patients devote as little as one hour a month, to maintain their sobriety.