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Private Office-Based Treatment for Those Suffering from Opioid & Alcohol Addiction

Specializing in Medication Assisted Treatment with the use of Suboxone, Sublocade, Brixadi, and Vivitrol

Providing addiction treatment to Norristown, King of Prussia, and Philadelphia communities

Dr. Watson is now offering innovative Medication Assisted Treatment solutions for Alcohol Addiction therapy!

A Message to Our Patients:

We understand the journey through addiction to recovery is deeply personal, challenging, and filled with obstacles. Whether you’re grappling with opioid or alcohol dependency, the path to healing can seem daunting. You’re not alone in this struggle, and it’s our commitment to stand by your side, offering a beacon of hope and expert care. 

Meet Our Addiction Specialist

Dr. James B. Watson is a board-certified addiction specialist with a passion for helping those effected by drugs and alcohol. Through his vast education and experience maintained in Pennsylvania, he has developed an expert approach to treating these common disorders. Dr. Watson has since continued to serve the PA communities by opening private addiction therapy centers in Norristown, King Of Prussia, and Philadelphia.

Our clinic uses a Direct Physician Care Model which allows us to spend more time and give more personal attention to patients while ensuring privacy and guaranteeing highly focused personal treatment.

Our Treatments

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

An innovative and new approach to treating Alcohol Use Disorder through Medication Assisted Treatment. You can now get a Vivitrol Injection for alcohol addiction therapy. Dr. Watson is currently accepting patients at Norristown, King of Prussia, and Philadelphia. For more information about Medication for Alcohol Use Disorder click here.

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Alcohol detox, medically supervised from the comfort of your home 

Vivitrol (MAUD)

Vivitrol injection is a monthly medication used to help prevent relapse in people treated for alcohol use disorder by blocking the euphoric effects of alcohol.

Opioid Addiction Treatment

Dr. Watson is currently accepting new patients for opioid addiction treatment at convenient locations for you in Norristown, King of Prussia, and Philadelphia. Explore treatment options below or get in touch to receive expert guidance from Dr. Watson about which path to recovery is best for your success. 


A weekly or monthly injectable form of Buprenorphine, offering flexible dosing options to meet individual needs.


A combination medication containing Buprenorphine and Naloxone, reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings.


An injectable form of Buprenorphine, administered monthly, designed to provide a sustained release of medication.


An injection of Naltrexone administered monthly, used to prevent opioid dependence after detox, by blocking the effects of opioids

Our Results in Numbers

20+ Years of Experience

As a Board Certified Addiction Medicine Specialist, Dr. James Watson has the training and experience to help his patients succeed in their recovery.

1,000+ Patients Treated

Studies show that having direct physician care is critical for long term success when dealing with opioid addiction treatment.

3,000+ Sublocade Administered

With over 3,000 Sublocade doses performed, Dr. James Watson is the premier authority for Medication Assisted Treatment with Sublocade in Pennsylvania.

The Benefits of Our Approach

Our private office-based setting provides more personalized care due to our smaller client-to-provider ratio. This results in a more tailored treatment approach, which considers the unique circumstances of the individual’s addiction.

Institutional treatment can sometimes have a stigma attached, increasing shame and embarrassment. Our private office setting feels more like a regular family practice office, less intimidating, and more relaxing.

Direct Physician Care means you see the same provider throughout their treatment, fostering a deeper therapeutic relationship and continuity of care.

Privacy can be a significant concern for individuals seeking treatment for addiction. In our private office setting, there are fewer people, making it easier to keep the treatment confidential.

Our private office provides more flexible scheduling options, allowing our clients to continue with their work, school, or family commitments.

We openly welcome family members and supportive friends to accompany clients to office-based treatments. Family involvement in the treatment process can be crucial for recovery.

Telehealth for Your Convenience

  • Convenience and easy access to care.
  • Blends the convenience of telehealth services with traditional office appointments, optimizing your time and providing a more convenient experience.
  • The majority of consultations can be conducted from the safety and comfort of your home.
  • Regardless of geographical constraints or mobility issues, our telehealth services are compliant with HIPAA regulations, guaranteeing that distance won’t impede your path to recovery.
  • With secure video consultations, you can consistently engage with Dr. James Watson, ensuring your treatment is easily reachable and maintained.

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