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Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)

Dr. Watson Introduces BRIXADI: A New Hope in Treating OUD

Welcome to a significant moment in our ongoing fight against Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).

I’m thrilled to present the innovative treatment option –BRIXADI. This FDA-approved weapon stands as a beacon of hope, making strides in offering an advanced treatment option for OUD.

Global Acceptance

Although newly introduced in the USA, BRIXADI, known as Buvidal in the EU and other global regions, has effectively treated OUD since 2018.

With a proven efficacy backed by robust studies, BRIXADI promises a reliable treatment path. The European Medicines Agency has confidently stated that Buvidal is equivalently effective as buprenorphine tablets.

Key Features of BRIXADI

Innovative Technology: BRIXADI incorporates the Fluid Crystal® Injection Depot Technology, a lipid-based formulation that transforms into a biodegradable liquid crystalline gel upon injection.


User-friendly Administration:

  • Utilizes a thin 23 G needle.
  • Requires a small injection volume (≤0.64 mL).
  • No need for refrigeration.
  • Flexibility in subcutaneous injection sites, including the buttock, thigh, abdomen, or upper arm†.
Brixadi Injection Sites

Note: For patients new to buprenorphine treatment using BRIXADI Weekly, the upper arm site should be chosen only after the steady state has been achieved (after 4 consecutive doses).

For detailed prescribing information and copay assistance, please visit

Indications and Usage

BRIXADI is specially indicated for patients battling moderate to severe OUD.

Those who have either commenced treatment with a transmucosal buprenorphine product or are already under buprenorphine treatment can consider BRIXADI an option.

BRIXADI is most effective when paired with counseling and comprehensive psychosocial support.

The BRIXADI Advantage

  • Comfort: A smaller needle ensures a less painful administration experience.
  • Discreet: The lesser volume means minimal and less noticeable posttreatment nodules.
  • Customizable: The flexibility of multiple injection sites empowers patients, offering choices tailored to their comfort.

The introduction of BRIXADI in our treatment protocol offers a fresh perspective and addresses many concerns related to extended-release Buprenorphine.

It signifies a significant advancement in treating OUD, presenting a ray of hope, recovery, and freedom from opioid addiction.

Our office is proud to be at the forefront of this medical revolution, and we’re excited about the brighter futures we can co-create with our patients.

A journey towards a brighter future awaits you.

FluidCrystal® trademark is owned by Camurus and used by Braeburn under license.

Direct Physician Care with Dr. Watson gives you access to a precise and focused route to recovery. This streamlined approach eliminates distractions, providing the best opportunity for a successful and enduring recovery.

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